Motorbikes Alarm Comparison:

Technical features Hps930 Hps940 Hps950
Remote control Hpa952 NO 2 1
Transponder Hpa948 NO NO
Installation with specific wiring (PIN-to-PIN)
Ignition key protection
Electronic engine cut off NO
Shock sensor
Seat opening protection NO
Pin Code NO
Sound warning for turned on indicator
Anti hi-jacking NO NO
Self power battery alarm
Average consumption (alarm on)/td> 0,4 mA 2 mA 2,8 mA
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Hpa61TR Anti lifting
Up to 4 Hpa952 radio controls and/or Hpa948 transponders NO

Car Alarm Kit Comparison:

Technical features Kit Smart Kit Techno Kit Pro
Hps845R Alarm 
Pin Code
Arming/disarming via original vehicle remote control
Internal shock sensor
Electronic engine block
Acoustic alarm with siren and horn
Anti car hi-jacking function
Immobilizer function
Anti Jamming function NO
Hps55 Volumetric sensor NO
Hpa605 Invisible Volumetric sensor NO NO
Hps88 Wired siren NO NO
Hps98 Wireless siren NO
PatrolSat 4G Satellite tracker NO NO
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