Car sound + GPS alarm - Kit Pro

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Car sound + GPS alarm - Kit Pro

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It is a sat perimeter, volumetric anti-theft kit with anti-jamming

IT PRO it’s a satellite, volumetric  and perimeter anti jamming for cars which includes:

  • the central digital alarm with anti-jamming technology (that is the ability of the system to keep working properly even when it is under interferences) using the original radio-controls of the vehicle
  • the invisible volumetric microwave sensor for the cockpit
  • the self-supplied wireless siren
  • the GPS sat self-run tracker

Installation is excluded

Choose our Anti-theft and free your mind from worries
Embrace the serenity of a protected vehicle

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Track your vehicle any time

Track your vehicle any time

Download our app easily and safely to:

  • Control and track the place of your vehicle in real time
  • Get an alert notice in the event of alarm
  • Block your vehicle via SMS if necessary
  • Customize alert notices
  • Register and analyse your travel data such as medium duration, distance travelled and much more (Premium Service)

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